Track Production in Real Time

The benefits of Infinity-ID RFID technology are endless. One of the most notable is to identify in real-time and automatically the states of the production process, from raw material to finished product, collecting data and making it available in the form of valuable information: timing of cycles and individual steps, reducing errors and the time it would have taken to enter data manually.

No one can afford to lose track of valuable assets. That is why RFID technology has become extremely popular in recent years in both the consumer and commercial sectors. Tagging everything from pallets to individual items helps businesses quickly recover missing items or know exactly where they are.

Of course, RFID technology alone is not enough; what makes it particularly functional are the software applications tied to it and customization based on the needs of each individual business.

All of this is key to unlocking greater workflow efficiency and improving operational performance when order volume is high and production capacity is limited. 

This type of technology, when applied correctly, is also essential for anticipating certain decisions and actions so that corrections can be made in real time if necessary.


Each tag, also called an RFID tag, consists primarily of a microchip, and is applied directly to the object to be identified. 

The tags, in turn, can be read via radio frequency and, therefore, also remotely, by the antennas i.e., of mobile or fixed readers that will transmit the information directly to the software.

In addition, the tags can be “customized” according to their field of use and are designed to work properly on various surfaces, including metal ones.


Key Features:

  1. Track and know the states of the production process in real time
  2. Minimize the risk of loss and theft
  3. Full control of the production flow
  4. Reduce errors and time

With this solution you will have all production at the click of a mouse!

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