InfinityID retail portal allows the readings of all the labels on the clothes rack or in the boxes with clear time savings. The metal structure and the radio-absorbent material guarantee the reading of the only articles within the portal.


  1. Radio-absorbent material
    Applied on the isolating metal shield, it prevents the reflection of
    radio waves avoiding unwanted readings
  2. Antenna protection
    Shockproof wedges prevent the goods from coming into contact with the antennas
  3. Clothes rack/trolley guide rails
    These allow the goods to stay in the right position
  4. UHF active equipment compartiment
    The portal can be equipped with different RFID reader models
  5. RFID antennas
    Configurations from 2 to 8 antennas with amplification up to 12 Db
  6. Led activity signal
    It detects the presence of new labels with the signal stopping once
    the scan is complete
  7. Graphical user interface for the management of:
    • Expected articles
    • Unexpexted articles
    • Lost articles
  8. Customization
    A wide choice of colours and customisation can be achieved by using PVC films

It scans all the labels on the clothes rack in a matter of seconds

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