OMP Racing

OMP Racing, world leader in manufacturing of safety components for racecars, decides to use RFID technology to manage products certificate.

As a matter of fact, each item of racewear must have a certifcate.

In order to improve certificate check procedures, OMP introduced a RFID NFC label inside each racewear item produced. Each RFID NFC label contains the information related to product certificate and guarantees its traceability.

Using a smartphone and OMP app, it is possible to scan the RFID NFC label and download the ceritificate of the product


  • Traceability in production
  • Easy check of the ceritificate
  • No paper documents
  • Possible customer engagement/ marketing 1-to-1 activity
Tags & Labels

NFC LABEL 12X19 mm

NFC LABEL 12X19 mm

Good reading performance, good to be inserted in clothes


InfinityID offers a set of ready-to-use application to track your products from the factory to the store.

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