Keeping track of your goods: the role of the RFID Tunnel

Do you need to improve the inbound and outbound process of your business? With the RFID Tunnel, you can!


Specifically, it is a system that is particularly appreciated for its effectiveness and efficiency, equipped with RFID antennas that allow you to immediately identify the contents of appropriately tagged packages, products and pallets (even on forklifts) as they pass through.



It is a Tunnel equipped with RFID reader and antennas capable of reading in real time the appropriately tagged objects passing through it. In addition to this, the system is also able to recognise the direction in which the package or object is crossing, indicating precisely whether it is entering or leaving the tunnel.

Alongside this system there is ‘Logic‘, Infinity-ID’s in-house designed software, a suite of solutions for tracking and tracing any type of product, which immediately recognises the contents of the package as it passes through the gate.

Thanks to this, the system will update all the data relating to that batch, thus reducing exponentially the time that this activity would require if it were carried out in the traditional way, therefore manually.

The result of using this RFID system is a reduction in time, elimination of identification errors and, consequently, a clear improvement in the efficiency of your company logistics.

With this solution you can monitor all critical points in your production line and track goods in and out of the warehouse.

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