Would you like to locate, in real time, any products, objects or packages within your company?

RFID technology is nowadays a more efficient technology than the more widely used and well-known barcode, allowing hundreds of products to be identified at the same time without any waste, thus achieving accuracy and speed.

Each tag, also known as an RFID tag, consists mainly of a microchip and an antenna and is attached to the object to be identified.

It is then read by an antenna connected to an RFID reader which, via an interface available on various devices such as PCs, tablets or smartphones, detects the passage of the specially ‘tagged’ object and reads the data.

Furthermore, they can be ‘customised’ according to their field of application and are designed to work properly on various surfaces, including metal surfaces.

Thanks to this system it is possible to track each movement in real time, identifying each individual product, container or specially labelled warehouse shelf, not only reducing errors in picking, but also ensuring accuracy and speed throughout the production process.

It is no longer necessary to open the packages to check their contents, nor is it necessary to count them manually for inventory verification.

With a series of remote scans it is possible to identify and verify the presence of specific objects within each package.

All this is possible thanks to Logic, a software solution that aims to achieve maximum efficiency in any activity thanks to its broad functional coverage and its ease of use that meets the needs of all companies from large to SMEs. 

The main functionalities/applications of Logic are:

  1. Inbound and outbound: To verify the correctness of shipments and receipt of goods.
  2. Fast inventory: Generally made using readers that allow readings from 5-6 metres away.
  3. Product research: To identify your product within hundreds of packages.
  4. Production advancement: Functionality that tracks each stage of processing of your product.

La medesima etichetta RFID può inoltre essere usata nel mondo Retail, nascosta direttamente nel capo o nell’oggetto da identificare, svolgendo così la funzione di antitaccheggio per prevenire eventuali furti.

In conclusione la tecnologia RFID permette una maggiore e più efficiente gestione dell’intero comparto aziendale, riducendo significativamente le spese logistiche e di gestione, permettendo così di controllare l’intero processo produttivo, anche da remoto.

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