Don’t miss out on anything anymore! How identifying your products with RFID can improve your performance.

Do you know why it is useful to track your goods? It is useful for solving problems related to the time needed to identify your goods.

This is why RFID technology is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the logistics sector. It is an automatic identification system that can detect objects both stationary and in motion, ensuring both impeccable customer service and optimisation of the internal handling flow.

This system is also able to monitor production progress in all its different stages in order to have complete control over process times and costs, thus improving daily operations.


This technology is widely used for asset tracking, but how does it work? 

It works through the use of RFID antennas placed within the warehouse areas that allow real-time identification of appropriately labelled products.

An RFID tag is attached to the product to be tracked, allowing the contents of the tag to be identified and read by means of special readers.

In this way it is possible to track and know in real time the status of the warehouse, also minimising the risk of loss and theft, and it is possible to track either a single product or a pallet.

A single reader can scan multiple tags, which can in fact be read even without being visibly detectable so even inside boxes or hidden by customised labels.

The result? Fewer errors and more accuracy! Using RFID brings real benefits to both the vendor and the end consumer.

The important aspect to consider when choosing an RFID product, antenna and type of use is the objectives to be achieved.


Main features:

  1. Track and know in real time the status of the warehouse
  2. Minimal risk of loss and theft
  3. Full control of production flow
  4. Inventory entire containers in seconds

The warehouse at your fingertips thanks to Infinity-ID

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